• Half Hearted - Director Max McGill, DOP Johnny Watters

Half Hearted - Director Max McGill, DOP Johnny Watters

Short Films

Half Hearted - Director Max McGill, DOP Johnny Watters

Mike - Sam Phillips

Svetlana - Anna Skellern

Lauren - MyAnna Buring

Dave - Andrew Hawley

Waking up from a boozy night out Mike finds he has more than just a hangover. The half heart tattoo on his arm and the Ukrainian prostitute in his bed wouldn't be so bad were it not for the imminent return of his girlfriend. Worse still he has no cash to pay off the hooker and his card is still behind a bar somewhere in North London. With a sore head and hooker in tow, Mike is now in a race to find his money, get rid of Svetlana and somehow explain away the tattoo to his girlfriend. In the process he must avoid having his fingers broken by Svetlana's pimp, his face bitten off in an underground tramp fight and endure a deep and meaningful coffee in Starbucks. The only question is: who has the other half of Mike's heart?