• The Lost Highway - Directors Warren and Nick - DOP Henry Braham

The Lost Highway - Directors Warren and Nick - DOP Henry Braham

Music Videos

Directed by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

Music By UNKLE

Performance Artist - Maya Jilan Dong

Choreography & Movement Direction - Farooq Chaudhry & Maya Jilan Dong

With The Support Of The Peacock Contemporary Dance Company (china) Written by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones & James Lavelle

Executive Producer - Campbell Beaton

Director Of Photography - Henry Braham

Costume & Character Development - Boudicca

Laser Artist - Chris Levine

Make Up - Andrew Gallimore

Hair - Soichi Inagaki

Production Designer - Joseph Bennett

Editor - Steve Ackroyd

Colorist - Stefan Sonnenfeld

Colour Producer - Erik Rogers

VFX Supervisor - Duncan Horn

Producer - Benedict Turnbull

Production Manager - Daphne Do

Production Assistant - Fiston Lingo

1st AD - George Nelson

2nd AD - Barney Gee

Styling Assistant - Neha Amin

1st AC - Dermot Hickey

2nd AC - Jessica Saunders

DIT - Lilly Palmer & David Palmer

Camera Trainee - Abi Blacow

Camera Trainee - Michael Montgomery-Salter

Grip - Lee Godfrey & Emmet Cahill

Crane Technician - Jody White & Suellen Meidell

Stabileye Head Technician - Joseph Marsden

Gaffer - Shawn White

Electrician - Andrew Watson

Laser Assistants - Ollie Jenni & Josh Hughes

Art Dept - David Hamilton & Katherine Burke

SFX - David Watson, James Munro Boles, Leon Wright, Damien Kivlehan & Richard West

Sound Recordist - Richard Morgan

Make Up Asistant - Andrew Denton

Hair Assistant - Kei Takano & Hiroki Kojima

Medic - Aaron Woodbridge

Stabileye Van Driver - Jack Choules

Runners/Drivers - Bradley Baterip, Jamie Sawdon & Lois Wickett

Runner - Jens Nielsen

Edit Producer - Laura Harris

Laser - ER Productions

Camera - Panavision

Lighting - Panalux

SFX - Hayley Williams

SFX Edit - Final Cut

Colour - Company 3

VFX - Nineteentwenty

All Tracks Taken From The Road: Part II / Lost Highway

(P & C Songs For The Def Ltd. 2019)

Additional Production and Sound Design - Steven Weston

Additional Production and Arrangement - James Lavelle