• Vigorsol 4 x 15'' TVC 'Keep It Fresh' 'Scooter Surf'_  'Bubble Boy' _ 'Double Dutch' _ 'Avatar'

Vigorsol 'Keep It Fresh' - BBH - Ehsan -4 of 6 x 15'' TVCs 'Scooter Surf' & 'Bubble Boy' & 'Double Dutch' _ 'Avatar'

Three of six commercials for Vigorsol - like a breezy slap in the face - a series of weird n' wonderful, short n' snappy adventures set in and around the boardwalk.

Directed by: Ehsan
Production Co: Friend London
Service Production: Palma Pictures
Agency: BBH
EP: Chris Abitbol
Producer: Campbell Beaton
DOP: Marcus Autelli
Production Designer: Ollie Hogan
Animation / Post: Glassworks
Editor: Brendan Jenkins @ TenThree
Post Producer: Duncan Buxton
Music Composition: The Elements
Sound-Design: Jake Ashwell 750mph
Stylist: Ann-Charlotte Fennhagen
Lead Guy: Jack Thorpes
Lead Girl: Aina Garcia